One Session to Stick Around For: The IASA IT Town Hall

The IASA IT Town Hall is an open forum session with a panel of industry professionals, who discuss trends, answer questions, and share their experiences managing insurance IT. Every year, the panel is comprised of an impressive, diverse group of IT leaders, and this year was no exception. 

Emerging Generational Technologies
Learn why insurers need to change the way they interact with their customers to ensure they don't get left by the wayside.

Streamlining Workflows:  The Struggle is Real
Learn why achieving operational efficiency through automation is so critical and challenging yet easily attainable with the right approach.

24/7 Access:  The New Expectation Carriers Must Meet
Learn what type of insight and access your agents and policyholders expect and how to provide it.

Making Changes to Your Product: Why Speed Matters
Learn how being able to make fast policy changes will help you grow your book of business.

The Reality of Financial Pressures and Manual Processes
Learn how you can increase profitability and efficiency with automation.

Is Your Data Helping You Compete?
Learn how data mining can boost your profitability.

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