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The Digital Evolution – Expanding Beyond Core Systems

By Tony Villa, May 2019

The digital evolution is here, and the insurance industry is jumping in. Core systems of today must continue to improve to keep up with advancing technologies and the pace of the market changes.


Helping Insurers Scale through Technology Enablement

As seen in In$urance CIO Outlook, September 1, 2017.

Since its inception in 2013, Falcon Insurance Company has experienced rapid growth and diversification. The team at Falcon turned to their core systems provider, Insuresoft, for assistance. Falcon leverages Insuresoft’s policy administration suite, the Diamond System, for policy, billing and claims.

Click here to download the In$urance CIO Outlook article.

Iot and Real Applications for Insurers Today

By: Chad Barczuk, August 2017

IoT devices have become part of our daily home and work life. The insurers who are not only collecting the IoT data, but are actively using it to improve products, and create new business models, will drastically see a competitive edge over those who are not taking advantage of this knowledge. 


Falcon Insurance and Insuresoft Expand Partnership, Collaborating to Automate Claims Letter Processes and Beyond

By Linde Wolff, May 2017

Since its inception in 2013, Falcon Insurance Company has experienced rapid growth and diversification. Now writing in three states, the company wrote over $52 million in 2016. To accommodate their growing number of policyholders and the resulting claims, Falcon has increased its claims staff to over 50 personnel and opened a claims office in Dallas, Texas.

First published in Digital Insurance Strategies Claim magazine.

Former President George W. Bush — Amusing and Insightful

By Heather Dunn, Summer 2016

The IASA National Education Conference brings the best of the best keynote speakers each year, and this year was no exception with a rousing conversation between President George W. Bush and IASA President Tim Morgan.

President George W. Bush brought his candor and Texan charm, and Morgan brought the questions the audience was hoping for.

What Does It Take To Be a
Next Gen Insurer?

By Tony Villa, October 14, 2016

Recently FIGO, an Insuresoft client, was recognized as a Next-Gen Insurer and was presented with the much deserved "Innovation in Action" Award by Strategy Meets Action (SMA).  

Next-Gen insurer's like FIGO are demonstrating that, with the right partner, it is a truly great time to be in the business of delivering insurance.


Building Insurance Heroes eBook

By Heather Dunn,
September 1, 2016

While many vendors consider themselves the champion of the story, Insuresoft enables our clients to be the heroes of their accomplishments.

Insuresoft helps insurers reach their goals and aspirations – empowering them to re-engineer how they deliver insurance to the market today. 

Emerging Generational Technologies

By Linde Wolff, May 1, 2016

Learn why insurers need to change the way they interact with their customers to ensure they don't get left by the wayside.


One Session to Stick Around For: The IASA IT Town Hall

By: Prathima Gilliam,
June 30, 2016

The IASA IT Town Hall is an open forum session with a panel of industry professionals, who discuss trends, answer questions, and share their experiences managing insurance IT.

Every year, the panel is comprised of an impressive, diverse group of IT leaders, and this year was no exception.


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