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Insuresoft's Composer is an intuitive tool that enables business and technical users to make product development and configuration flexible, agile, and easy to implement. Composer lets users manage the complete product lifecycle: building requirements, configuring rates, rating calculations, rules, form triggers, and print output for Policy Administration, configuring payment plans and rules for Billing, and configuring drop downs, rules, workflow, and print output for Claims. Audit capabilities identify what was changed, when, and by whom.

Composer requires no IT involvement for deploying product changes. Approved users can make deployments in different environments to put the speed of the change in their own hands. They’re able to quickly make product changes, test them, and deploy them immediately, without having to wait for compiled code to get built and installed by IT resources.

Diamond Composer Insurer Benefitss

With an intuitive design, quickly and easily configure Diamond to rapidly deploy changes and updates to the policy administration system. Assigned business users are in the driver’s seat.

Rapidly react to market changes and increase your speed to value by managing the platform with an industry-leading, innovative solution that was designed with the user in mind.

Your business users can design, change, and update your own rates, rules, workflow, and forms without reliance on your IT or professional services.

Diamond Composer Advanced Capabilities

  • Improve the satisfaction of agents and policyholders
  • Configure products in real time
  • Automate out-of-sequence endorsement processing in one transaction
  • Adapt to any user-specific configuration
  • Process an unlimited number of transactions
  • Define workflows, validations, and rules with an intuitive rules engine
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increase speed to market
  • Create role-based security access
  • Process personal and commercial lines on a single platform


Manage your business your way with the Diamond Suite. 

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