Diamond Integration Tools

Get started quickly and easily using the Diamond Integration Tools. 

Getting Started

Keeping up with emerging technologies can be a huge challenge.  With the open architecture of the Diamond system, integrating new technologies, whether for proof of concept or full deployment is an easy task.

We’ll work closely with your team to review requirements, features, and integration into your system. When you’re ready to launch, we will provide an on- or off-site team to offer guidance, training, and development assistance. We can help you quickly create a proof of concept or dig deeper into your production implementation, with a focus on key areas:

  • Integration with your other transaction processing systems 
  • Viewer control and security
  • Custom user interface
  • Creative feature implementation to solve unique needs
  • And much more…

Diamond To Alexa -

Ease of Integration

Insuresoft completed a proof of concept with the Amazon Alexa system, which provides real time, two-way voice interactions, leveraging Amazon’s technology to complete the voice recognition and cognitive abilities.  

Leveraging our existing MobileServices, used for our Mobile application, we returned a list of policies, including due dates and amount dues.  This interaction only required a few lines of code to complete a login request and to pull the policy information associated with the login account.  With a total of 11 lines of code, we interacted with the Diamond services and pulled a complete summary of the user’s policies into an easy to use object. 

Learn more

To learn more about our developer integration tools download the Diamond Interfaced data sheet or click on the learn more button to contact an Insuresoft representative.