The Diamond Suite

Manage your business your way with the Diamond Suite. 

We know that when managing your business, remaining true to your origins is important.  Our policy administration system is designed from the ground up to incorporate industry best practices, but each one of our clients is unique.  With Diamond, you’ll always be in control.

With one solution, you can get big results. 

Rest assured that we know insurance.  With an intuitive design, and a fresh perspective, you’ll get big results with a comprehensive solution, tailored to fit your needs.  Straight through processing to the core, Diamond offers a smart way to get business done.

Breathe new life into your business with Diamond for increased efficiency and productivity. 

One place, one stop, one system: whether it’s reviewing a claim, processing an endorsement, or analyzing real-time data, we can provide your business a holistic solution to help your business achieve its goals.

Focus on your business, not on your processes.

The phrase “because we’ve always done it that way” will keep you from being your best.  With 20 years of insurance and technology experience, let us help you reach new heights of customer service and agent satisfaction.

Diamond's services-oriented architecture allows carriers to take advantage of real-time updates from third parties who provide valuable underwriting and claims information.

Policy Administration

Diamond's Policy Administration component offers industry leading, web-based policy administration solutions for both personal and commercial lines of business. With a rating and underwriting engine that can be extended to agents and policyholders, and real-time out of sequence transactions, carriers enjoy efficiency gains as well as increased customer satisfaction. Learn more.


Billing Administration

Diamond Billing from Insuresoft is an industry leading, web-based billing solution that provides personal and commercial lines carriers with a robust and flexible billing solution. Diamond Billing delivers a proven solution that improves operational efficiency, increases customer satisfaction and reduces billing leakage. Learn more.


Claims Administration

The Diamond Claims system is a web-based application that combines a robust set of features and functionality with a user-friendly workflow, empowering claims professionals to handle claims quickly and efficiently. Fully integrated coverage verification and numerous third party interfaces help reduce claim costs and enhance customer service. Learn more.



Diamond Mobile extends Diamond Policy, Billing, and Claims information and functionality to policyholders via their smart phones or tablets. Policyholders can register to access their policy information to check the status, make payments, view or print policy documents, report losses or contact their agent. Learn more.



Diamond Composer puts product design and maintenance in the hands of a business user. This toolkit resides in the cloud and simplifies the configuration, testing and deployment of product changes. Define what screens, what fields, even what options a user can select, based on user type. Select default values for fields and the order in which fields display on the screen. Learn more.



Diamond Publisher offers a flexible printing solution that can be used with all Diamond components. Declarations, coverage forms, invoices, notices, claims and underwriting forms can all be managed in one place and are saved in their original state so they can be reviewed or reprinted when needed. Learn more.


Web Portal

The Diamond system offers pre-configured access for both agents and policyholders. Carriers decide how much information and functionality to extend to users and then benefit from one code base that supports all user types. Learn more.

"Insuresoft exceeded our expectations during implementation by delivering a modern and intuitive system with exceptional customer service along the way."

—Greg Donnal, CIO, Hagerty Insurance