Diamond Publisher

Diamond Publisher is a flexible printing application that interfaces with almost any system in almost any industry — not just the Diamond System. It provides full printing/PDF/publishing capabilities from Microsoft Word documents. Since it employs Word templates, it doesn’t require development or IT teams to be on stand-by for editing. Through a maintenance console, users can make changes on the fly. For companies that want to reduce paper, Publisher can generate output to email. And its sorting functionality lets you print to any location or tray and in any order.

Diamond Publisher enables dynamic document changes, in real time, to accommodate information coming in from disparate data streams. If you have to send a legal cancellation that includes a balance due, Publisher will include a payment remittance form. If there’s no balance due, Publisher will send the document without a remittance form. And if you need to print templates across multiple states, Publisher — through the use of document manipulation and row-removal — can work with a single template and dynamically pull in the appropriate coverages.

On-Demand Insurance Documents for your clients and agents.

You decide what records your policyholders and agents have access to and give the power of real-time information to your most precious asset.

Improve back-office efficiency with improved visibility.

In an ever-increasing digital marketplace, with Diamond Publisher, you can allow your agents and policyholders to print their own policies and invoices with a few simple steps.  All of the documents that you want to generate from your policy administration system can be produced through Publisher.

In short, Diamond Publisher lets you:

  • Create a paperless work environment
  • Integrate with imaging, ECM, and other systems requiring flat files for importing
  • Make immediate changes with easy configurability
  • Extend full printing/PDF capabilities to your agents efficiently and accurately
  • Maintain documents simply and easily with Microsoft Word
  • Work with any printer that runs in a Windows environment
  • Work with TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and other common image-file formats
  • Improve back office efficiency by allowing multiple printers in multiple locations to print documents designated by your administrator
  • Works with all XML-based data files
  • Generate documents on demand or through batch processes
  • Consolidate your print functions by extending Publisher to non-insurance based platforms.

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