2017 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show

Join us in Orlando, June 4-7, 2017 • Orlando World Center Marriott, Florida

These are exciting times for the insurance industry.  We are living through unprecedented change driven by innovation, competition, generational workforce shifts and other pressing challenges. With challenge comes opportunity which is where IASA becomes your most trusted education, networking and knowledge resource.  The 2017 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show is designed to help you and your company keep ALL SYSTEMS GO! as you pursue those opportunities.

This year at the 2017 IASA, Insuresoft is a proud sponsor of the CITO Roundtable.


Connect with us at the 2017 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show by:

  • Visiting our booth #605.
    While visiting, enter into a chance to win an Amazon Echo
  • Vendor Connect Tours
    • Insurance Software Suites882 & 982
      Vendor solutions have trended toward offering increased functionality across different business units that result in company-wide operating efficiencies. Several vendors now offer a large set of pre-integrated or “natively” integrated suite of solutions. The business and technology benefits of getting more from a single vendor source include fewer vendor relationships to manage, fewer contracts and licenses, potentially lower integration costs, and wider-reaching automated testing and upgrade coordination. Vendors on this tour offer core system capabilities including; policy administration, claims and billing functionality and one or more of the following:  enterprise-wide rules or workflow engines, underwriting, rating engine, reinsurance, agency portals, consumer portals, document imaging/management, reporting/business intelligence, and/or financial/accounting functionality.

    • Business Intelligence (BI) /Predicative Analytics  883 & 983
      Insurance companies mastering the art and science of business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics can gain a significant advantage in the areas of risk selection, segmentation, underwriting and pricing. By drawing on resources and expertise in predictive modeling, actuarial science, and data management – and factoring in huge advances in information technology – BI and predictive analytics can deliver leading-edge decision-support capabilities.

  • Sessions:

    • Monday June, 5 from 3:30 - 5 PM Session 271
      Dennis Vanderlip, Microsoft and Terry& Tony from Insuresoft, Rusty from FIGO
      271 Moving from Traditional to Transactional: Transforming Business Models
      The mindset of how insurance is sold is shifting from traditional selling channels to transactional selling. We have seen this trend become more popular with the addition of insurers who have an entirely internet-based business model. Taken a step further, the true disrupters in insurance are changing their approach to the market entirely, focusing on value from use versus value from exchange. This approach allows consumers to use a product free of charge, then offers an upsell of a product or service once they have established a trusted and valued relationship. In this session, we will take you through the journey of disruption, how several insurers have stood out amongst the competition by proving a seamless customer experience, are providing value from use products to attract and retain policyholders, and how insurers are adapting to the rapid rate of change through the support of technology

    • Tuesday, June 6 from 12:35 - 2:15PM, CITO Tech Showcase
      Jonathan Silverman from Microsoft and Chad from Insuresoft
      IoT & Real Applications for Insurers Today
      The spirit of the “Insurtech” movement is helping insurers find ways to improve the customer experience through automation. Many believe the IoT will play a significant role in transforming the business of insurance. For insurers offering earthquake protection, the use of sensor data and mobile technology is a great example of how insurers can develop simple products that leverage the power of the network and deliver value added self-servicing capabilities. Today, insurers are examining ways to incorporate sensor data to help adjusters make more informed decisions related to claims. Going a step further, insurers are also exploring the use of blockchain with IoT sensors, to bind and manage the policy, allow payments, or dispatch repair providers without any human interaction. Discover how using IoT can help insurers create a competitive advantage and where many Insurtechs are outshining their legacy counterpart.

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