Insurance Transformation
Insurance technology has drastically evolved over the last ten years. Take a look at Strategy Meets Actions take on the past, present, and future of insurance by clicking here.


IoT: From Data to Intelligent Action
IoT devices are becoming game changers in the insurance industry, especially when it comes to claims adjusting and reducing the time it takes to close a claim. Check out the latest infographic "IoT and real applications for Insurers Today" by clicking here.

Want the 1-2-3 Experience?
Check out our new infographic to see how simple and easy the upgrade process of a policy admin system can be for your company.

Client Success Story - Figo Pet Insurance
Download this infographic to see why insurers leave nothing to change when selecting Insuresoft as their technology partner.

The 3 Bottlenecks That Are Slowing Down Your Business
Download this infographic to see three delays and unnecessary costs caused by outdated and inefficient processes.

What Mobile Access Means to Your Customers
Download this infographic to learn how important smartphones and tablets have become to your 18- to 36-year-old customers

Stand Out In A Hyper-Competitive Market By Meeting Your Agents' Needs
Download this infographic to learn the top 4 ways you can increase agent responsiveness and revenue.


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