Co-Op Internal Videos

Please watch the videos below to discover more information about our Co-Op and it's mission and vision. There are also videos for each Member and the Shared Services Teams within the Co-Op. 


The Co-Op

The Co-Op is an autonomous group of companies working together to become the only partner our clients will ever need. Our current Member Companies are Covenir, Insuresoft and Red Hawk. The Co-Op allows the Member Companies to more rapidly grow their businesses by more effectively promoting and cross-selling unique products and services to mutual clients. Each Member Company brings a unique value proposition. 


Insuresoft's unique value proposition is policy administration software. 

Red Hawk 

Red Hawk's unique value proposition is software services. 


Covenir's unique value proposition is BPO (business processing out-sourcing).

The Shared Services Team

Sales Shared Services Team

Marketing Shared Services Team

The Shared Services Teams provide common services across all the Co-Op Members. 

The Sales Shared Services Team brings first-class sales support to Co-Op Members. 

The Marketing Shared Services Team brings strategic marketing services to all Co-Op Members. 

Diamond Technology

The Diamond Technology team supports Insuresoft's policy administration platform. 

Diamond Composer 

The Diamond Composer team supports the tool that helps insurers to gain more control over Insuresoft's policy administration platform.