ITA Live 2017

Join us in Pompano Beach, March 12-14, 2017 •Fort Lauderdale Marriott, Florida

Launchpad: Time to Soar
New industry players, new technology, new investments, new ideas from established insurance carriers. Is your company on the launchpad ready for liftoff? It’s never been more important to separate promise from reality. The third annual conference will keep its pledge to bring together great speakers and valuable information that insurance carriers need to stay ahead of the competition and rocket into the future. 

This year at the ITA Live 2017, Insuresoft is a proud sponsor.


Insuresoft is excited to present at the ITA Live March 12-14th in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Join us at the conference to hear from industry leaders on the new innovations that will help your company stay ahead of the competition.
Make sure to add the Insuresoft session to your agenda at the event:
IoT & Real Applications for Insurers Today
March 13, 2017 at 11:30am
Tony Villa, CEO of Insuresoft
Chad Barczuk, Technology Solutions Manager at Insuresoft
Doreen Earl, CSAA Insurance Excchange

The spirit of the “Insurtech” movement is helping insurers find ways to improve the customer experience through automation. Many believe the IoT will play a significant role in transforming the business of insurance.  For insurers offering earthquake protection, the use of sensor data and mobile technology is a great example of how insurers can develop simple products that leverage the power of the network and deliver value added self-servicing capabilities. 

Today, insurers are examining ways to incorporate sensor data to help adjusters make more informed decisions related to claims. Going a step further, insurers are also exploring the use of blockchain with IoT sensors, to bind and manage the policy, allow payments, or dispatch repair providers without any human interaction. Discover how using IoT can help insurers create a competitive advantage and where many Insurtechs are outshining their legacy counterparts.

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