Policy Administration

Our policy administration system enables personal and commercial lines insurers to improve their underwriting and other policy processes with comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality, flexible configuration, third-party integration tools, and flexible workflows. In production for more than 20 years, Diamond Policy is feature-rich, having incorporated technology enhancements that continue to make it flexible, configurable, intuitive, and easy to implement.

Diamond’s tool kits enable the translation of business rules into product development, making the process smooth and efficient. Once a product is developed, creating new products for different states or coverage lines is even faster because Diamond saves product elements as reusable inventory, including business and underwriting rules, rates, and forms. With that reusability, underwriters don’t have to look at every policy before binding it, since the system automates the management of the risk and then flags only the exceptions for review. Scheduled processing is also automated. And the Diamond database contains every aspect of out-of-sequence processing you might need.

Increase profitability.

Improve your operational efficiencies and streamline processes with Diamond's policy administration system to add to your bottom-line.

Expedite sales and service.

By increasing your level of automation, and having the ability to control your work-flow, your agents, and your policyholders will benefit from the speed to market, real-time information, and access that you can provide to them.

Optimize human capital with an easy-to-use system.

Attract, maintain and develop your team with a state-of-the-art platform that will allow them to be successful.  Reduce stress with an easy-to-use, straight-forward design with a platform that allows the user to effectively do their job. 

Enhance customer experience by providing policy holders real-time tools within Diamond.

You want real information, right now.  Policy holders in today’s marketplace want information at the press of a button.  Allow Diamond to deliver real-time self-service capabilities that satisfy your policyholder’s desire to business on their schedule.   

Our Experience Shows

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After more than 20 years of refining Diamond Policy, we’re able to offer you a policy administration system that allows you to:

  • Support and improve the entire policy life-cycle
  • Store complete policy histories at the customer level
  • Automate out-of-sequence endorsement processing in one transaction
  • Adapt to any user-specific configuration
  • Process an unlimited number of transactions
  • Define workflows, validations, and rules with an intuitive rules engine
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increase speed to market
  • Improve the satisfaction of agents and policyholders
  • Process personal and commercial lines on a single platform.

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