Mobile Apps for Insurance System Service

Put the ability to handle all policyholder insurance interactions in the palm of your customers’ hands. Diamond Mobile enables core insurance processing from tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

Built into the Diamond Platform, Diamond Mobile provides real-time access to policy, billing, and claims information. Enable policyholders to submit inquiries; make payments; print ID cards, declarations, and other documents; link policies with their accounts; submit FNOLs; upload accident images, and more.

An app with versions written specifically for each type of mobile device operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, et al.), Diamond Mobile is installed natively to take full advantage of the capabilities of those devices. The functionality is consistent across all the devices or device types.

The app is available on all app stores and installations are accessible from insurer websites. Each insurer has the ability to private label the app.

Diamond Mobile Insurer Benefits:

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Brand Loyalty

Extend the functionality of your policy administration system through iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile to increase brand awareness. Easily allow policyholders access to critical policy information.  

Real Information for Your Customers in Real-time

Whether a policyholder needs an ID card, or an agent wants to review their client’s policies, they have access up-to-date information immediately.  

Diamond Mobile Advanced Capabilities:​

  • Make real-time secure payments
  • View policy details, including coverages, limits, and deductibles
  • View ID cards and other policy documents
  • Initiate claims
  • View agent contact information
  • View agent locations via Google Maps
  • Initiate contact with you or your agents.