Insurance It Consulting and Services

Technology is constantly growing and challenging us to stay ahead of our competition. If technology falls behind, so will the business. Insuresoft's Managed Services provides insurers with the tools and expertise to keep our clients above the competition.

Our Managed Services team helps insurers to reduce IT operating costs and allows in-house technology teams to be more strategic and innovative.

IT Assessment

Insuresoft’s IT Assessment Services focuses on several important areas of technology: scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, performance and security.  In addition to core insurance processing system, we also analyze communication systems, web hosting, and overall security processes.


Will your infrastructure handle the growth of your business? Insuresoft can assess your ability to scale. We look at the infrastructure from top to bottom and provide suggestions to help IT grow directly in-line with your business.

High Availability

Are outages a constant worry?  Insuresoft can build a HA environment for your application to run on. From network, to server, we do it all!

Disaster Recovery

Are your backups working? If you lose your datacenter, what happens now? We can monitor and confirm backups, bring up emergency instances in the event of a disaster, and help determine the acceptable amount of data loss per your budget.


When auditors need a vulnerability scan, what do you do? Our experts can help to streamline the process, reducing your effort in the project. Are you worried about a data breach? We can complete a full review and provide peace of mind by minimizing the chance of a data breach occurring. We will review the current security and give suggestions to help make it more secure. Knowing all the devices that are connected to your network is the first step to securing your environment.