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Insuresoft began as the carrier division within Applied Systems in 1993. The carrier division focused on delivering insurance automation to meet the unique needs of P&C insurance carriers and managing general agents. In 1994, the Diamond System was first introduced as Applied Systems first fully integrated policy administration system, that included policy processing, billing administration and claims administration. Later that same year, the Diamond System was successfully implemented for Cincinnati Equitable Insurance Company. In September of 2004, Applied Systems was sold, and the Eustace family retained the carrier division.  As part of the transaction the employees, customers and intellectual property previously with the carrier division became Insuresoft.  

Today, the Diamond System is one of the few carrier systems to be in production for over 20 years.  The Diamond System is in production for 30 unique insurance companies and managing general agents across all 50 states. The Diamond System processes over $2 billion of both commercial and personal lines P&C insurance premiums annually, and continues to innovate the processing of insurance transactions.

Our system is flexible.

The Diamond System can be implemented as a suite or can be implemented one component at a time. The system is designed to serve carriers and managing general agents of all sizes,
from start-ups to $1B in Direct
Written Premium.


Our people are experts.

Our people know the insurance industry. The insurance business is as important to us as software development, allowing us to build the best insurance software for insurance professionals. We hire and retain
only the best.



Our solution is proven.

The Diamond System footprint spans 50 states with over 375 modules in production. Carriers have been processing business on the Diamond system since 1994. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and forming lasting partnerships.



Our employees make the difference.

We're always looking for the best and brightest to join our team.

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