Business Process & Implementation Outsourcing

Insuresoft’s extensive suite of complementary services provides the extra power you need to give every facet of your insurance business a competitive cutting edge, and take you to the next level of security, agility, and scale.

De-risk your tech deployments, with just about the only Implementation Services team in the industry that can boast a 100% success rate. Bridge talent and infrastructure gaps via customized Business Process Outsourcing. Free your internal tech professionals to innovate with purpose, by letting our Managed Services team take care of day-to-day operations. And enroll your teams in our bespoke Diamond Composer certification program to ensure they get the best out of our Product Configuration tool.

Professional Services
That Polish Your Shine

Grow your business, while scaling your back-office processes — Insuresoft’s expert professional services & special accreditations mean fewer headaches, fewer distractions, less friction, and improved profitability.

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Partner Companies

At Insuresoft, we’re proud to have assembled a world-class lineup of industry partners, with each one a leader in its space. From implementation and optimization, to testing and development, to frontline support and back-office services — together, we’ve got whatever you need.

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Kaboodle integrates with Insuresoft to combine a multitude of information from various locations into a central data hub. Having a single source of truth is a vital enabler of growth acceleration, helping you pivot where required to improve profitability and enabling fact-based and data-driven decisions.

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Covenir seamlessly executes on your business vision, to help you get more done, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. Covenir’s insurance experts take the pain and heavy-lifting out of frontline services, back-office support and customer communications. With Covenir’s business process optimization solutions, you can watch your business workflows scale in tune with your growth.

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Redhawk provides expert technology-enabled services to the insurance industry, including implementation, interface development and support, data & reporting, systems integrations, testing, business analysis, bureau and statistical reporting and regulatory compliance. As a trusted Insuresoft partner, Redhawk skillfully evaluates, installs, tests, interfaces, manages or rips & replaces. The company’s Diamond Composer Silver Certification is proof of its professional commitment and product knowledge.

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Marias offers Insurance technology services to property/casualty insurance companies, ranging from system testing and implementation, to gathering requirements and defining specifications. Marias works to ensure your system, your lines of business, and the states in which you write are configured exactly as you want them.

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At Insuresoft, our purpose is simple: deliver core tech that lets you shine. That’s not about imposing “new standards” or processes — it’s about wrapping around your unique business value proposition. Whether you need a dedicated team of support personnel, or the ability to tap into a support pool, we offer the right solution to fit your specific business needs. By leveraging the breadth, depth and reach of our parent company, Vencora, we are able to bring ‘sister’ companies to the table to assist in many areas of Implementation services.

Diamond Composer

Diamond Composer is an intuitive tool that enables approved business and technical users to make Diamond development and configuration flexible, agile and easy to implement. Composer lets users manage the complete product lifecycle: building requirements; implementing, tracking and testing changes; and deploying finished products. Diamond Composer certified customers, individuals, and businesses can share their accreditation with a badge of certification on their website and list Insuresoft as a partner to demonstrate their level of certification.


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Managed Services That Sharpen Your Edge

Ever-evolving technology and consumer expectations are the driver to constantly innovate ahead of the curve — and the competition. Insuresoft’s Managed Services provide you with the tools and expertise to reinvent your business at the best time, which is: always. Our team helps you reduce IT operating costs and puts a strategic focus on in-house technology — to stay right where you belong, at the forefront of digital transformation, giving agents and policyholders the experience they want today… before they demand it tomorrow.

What’s the health of your IT operation? Insuresoft’s IT Assessment Services focus on key technology areas: scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, performance, and security. In addition to a core insurance processing system, we also analyze communication systems, web hosting, and overall security processes.

Can your infrastructure handle the growth of your business? Our specialists can expertly assess your ability to scale. We look at your infrastructure from top to bottom and provide suggestions to help IT grow directly in line with your business.

Are outages a constant worry? Our experts can build a HA (High-Availability) environment for all your mission-critical applications. From network, to server, we do it all.

Are your backups working reliably? If you lose your data center, the shine will come off your business in a hurry. We can monitor and confirm backups, bring up emergency instances in the event of a disaster, and help determine acceptable amounts of data loss according to your budget.

Concerned about a data breach? Our experts can help to streamline the process of providing auditors with a vulnerability scan, reducing your effort in the project. We will complete a full review and provide peace of mind by minimizing the risk of a breach. We will review your current security profile, starting with identifying all the devices connected to your network, and advise on how make the environment more secure. 

Cloud Diamond’s privacy and security solutions include a firm commitment to data security, privacy, and innovation. That’s why Insuresoft provides Diamond as a Service on Microsoft Azure’s cloud hosting environment. Diamond as a Service keeps your data and total cost of ownership investment secure. Cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure is a highly secure yet affordable choice for insurers seeking a repeatable, scalable cloud platform. With Diamond Cloud, pay for the power you need, when you need it — and leave management of the system to trusted experts.

Benefits of Cloud Diamond Include:

  • Scalability – a multi-tier app that scales economically by adding virtual resources to the web and business logic application tiers
  • Interoperability – interoperates smoothly with existing systems, while providing a secure foundation for future migrations
  • Affordability – single-node systems can be scaled up with more memory and processing power or scaled-out with many nodes
  • Manageability – Microsoft Azure takes care of all hardware, OS, and platform patching requirements, reducing the cost and complexity of deploying and administering Diamond Systems
  • Faster Innovation – app components built into the Azure platform cut the time it takes to bring new features to market
  • Reduce Risk – let the experts manage the system – with Diamond Cloud, we host, deploy and maintain your core platform on Microsoft Azure
  • Always Relevant – The latest innovations are at your fingertips with bi-monthly upgrades via the Diamond Cloud. Take advantage of our latest cloud-native capabilities, Azure innovations and insuretech integrations

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