Personalized Insurance Policy Administration System

Recognized by Aite-Novarica with a Customer Experience Ranking of 92 — the highest ranking awarded in its category — Insuresoft’s Insurance Policy Administration Software fuses innovative technology with deep industry knowledge to create a robust digital infrastructure to simplify and streamline processes throughout the entire policy lifecycle

By empowering policyholders and insureds to leverage data for stronger business intelligence and decision making, we help you grow individual relationships based on trust. ​

Our insurance policy management system for brokers and agents provides you with the solid foundation you need to build the most strategic, innovative, and modern approach to serving your policyholders in an increasingly digital and automated world.

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Automate Policy Management Processes

Reduce manual processes and workflows for agents and policyholders with our Insurance Policy Management System. Unlock real-time information sharing to enhance the customer and agent experience and increase speed to value.

Meet customers where they live: Connect with your policyholders via their preferred channel, according to their schedule, with real-time self-service functionality.


Deliver real-time self-service capabilities that satisfy your policyholders’ expectations for personalized information at the click of a button.

Give your teams the tools to excel: An easy-to-use, straightforward UI means less stress on insurance admins.

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By equipping your teams with responsive, intuitive insurance policy administration system, you not only boost their professional performance and career success, you position your organization to better attract and retain high-demand and hard-to-find talent.

Grow your bottom line: Improved operational efficiencies and streamlined processes will elevate your productivity and, ultimately, improve long-term profitability.

Policy Administration Advanced Capabilities

  • Simplify information and workflows throughout the entire policy lifecycle
  • Empower policyholders and insureds to make data-driven decisions
  • Provide an intuitive digital experience for brokers, agents, and policyholders
  • Reduce manual processes and workflows
  • Share information in real-time across channels
  • Deliver personalized round-the-clock self-service capabilities
  • Ensure user delight and greater job satisfaction for admins with a simple, frictionless interface
  • Enhance productivity and profitability via operational efficiencies and streamlined processes
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