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When it comes to standing up intelligent, efficient insurance digital solutions to seize emerging opportunities in a fast-paced, tech-enabled world, Insuresoft is your partner — and Diamond is your solution platform. Pivot at speed, adapt and innovate at scale with the agility and seamless deployability of low-code/no-code applications.

Give your organization the competitive headstart it deserves to accelerate into the future. Whether it’s commercial, personal, specialty or farm lines, workers’ comp or Non-Standard Auto, we will help you drive better data-backed insights, create more engaging, personalized customer experiences, and roll out smarter, more competitive insurance technology solutions.

Insuresoft’s Diamond core platform powers an all-in-one Insurance technology solution to streamline and digitize your commercial and multi-line insurance needs — increased risk management, fraud detection, personalized coverage, efficient underwriting, rapid claims processing… Diamond provides the modern architecture to allow for flexibility and adaptability, enabling all insurance lines to grow and evolve on their digital transformation journeys. Enrich your operational efficiency, lower product development expenses, and shine like never before with our low-code/no code tools.

(Including Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, General Liability, Crime, Garage, Umbrella, Inland Marine, Excess, BOP, and Commercial Package)

Commercial insurance challenge sets include: multiple new and legacy systems working disparately; user change acceptance and training; organizing, accessing and maintaining an explosion of data volume and complexity; de-risking cybersecurity threats and privacy hacks or attacks; the ability to juggle reduced budgets, conflicting priorities, and limited resources.

Insuresoft solutions combine and align Diamond Core modules to deliver operational efficiency, ease of use for agents and brokers, real-time reporting and data-driven risk insights.

(Including Personal Auto, Non-Standard Auto, Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, and Umbrella)

Amidst personal insurance challenges including rising loss costs, economic and social inflation driving higher premiums, reduced carrier budgets, growing cybersecurity risks, and fierce market competition, the Diamond platform is much more than just a back-office transaction engine.

Insuresoft and Diamond provide you with the flexibility and power to implement and scale fast, streamline your business and save on unforeseen costs. Benefit from enhanced claims submission and resolution. Leverage low-code/no-code tools for rates and forms, as well as tailored integrations for personalized features and content. Create a personalized, frictionless communication hub between you, your agent, and your policyholder – with easy accessibility and public facing API’s making for a better overall customer experience.

Plus, enjoy peace of mind with Cloud Diamond’s secure Microsoft Azure cloud hosting.

Specialty Insurance covers a wide range of risk types, such as Pet, Flood, Aviation, or Earthquake. Insuresoft’s Diamond Platform offers seamless partner integrations and continuous product enhancements.

Insuresoft is one of only a few insurtech solution providers that can help you position for strength in niche markets, where complex and highly specific rules, constructs, and information systems create claims and data processing challenges.

We give you the ability to pivot and adjust workflows, increasing speed to market through configurable integration and implementation. Our expert team will work with you to build on what makes you stand out today — and get you ready to shine tomorrow.

In a globalizing world with a changing climate, weather extremes are on the rise, along with pandemics and other human and crop health hazards. In this complex, dynamic and challenging environment, protecting our farms and farmers has never been more critical.

Leveraging technology to improve yields, reduce costs and mitigate potential losses is key to the survival of the agricultural businesses our world depends on. It takes just one natural disaster or bad harvest to bring a farm to its knees. The right hi-tech solutions play a key role in empowering farmers to make better financial, regulatory, price, and human or labor risk management decisions.

That’s where Insuresoft’s specialized AI and IoT tools come in. Out-of-the-box workflows and cutting-edge data analytics provide up-to-the-minute access to information. Real-time reporting puts business insights and intelligence at your fingertips, so you can deliver exceptional customer service — all while navigating payment, government action, fluctuating commodity and input pricing, and labor availability challenges.

Employees are the lifeblood of any business, which is why ensuring they have quick and easy access to lost wages, disability benefits, medical care or death benefits is mission-critical. The insurance claims experience is one of the most closely felt and scrutinized processes in the industry — clients want to know they’ll receive white-glove treatment when they need it most.

Insuresoft’s carefully curated network of partners work together to optimize the entire customer experience lifecycle. Speed, convenience, transparency, and personalization are all key elements when it comes to ensuring streamlined workers’ compensation processes. Leveraging our Diamond core platform and ecosystem of expert partners — such as our sister company Travisoft, a leader in benefits and administration —will provide you with the cutting-edge technology you need.

Create superior experiences and accelerated service for sick or injured workers, design and deploy innovative communications, optimize return-to-work processes, and manage regulatory change and compliance — all with the benefit of real-time data-driven insights.

In this corner of our industry, risks to the carrier abound — improper underwriting, inaccurate reporting of underwriting results, faulty payment of premiums, insufficient information technology security or business controls… All can adversely affect your business.

Insuresoft’s Diamond Suite helps protect your organization from negative impacts, by simplifying the MGA and broker experience, and modernizing operations for effective data management on a cloud-based platform. Expand into new markets quickly and efficiently while ensuring streamlined claims processes and eliminate human error with automated programming.

When it comes to Non-Standard Auto, ensuring optimal operating performance, maintaining market share, and adapting to population changes in target markets are key to profitability and growth. Insuresoft’s no-code/low-code solutions enable speed to market, with fast product development and transactional tasking; excellent customer service; friendly, knowledgeable representatives; data analytics for more informed decision-making; and real-time reporting for better risk insights.

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