P&C Insurance Software Solutions

Core tech that lets you shine.

Insuresoft provides a mission-critical Core Software Platform that enables P&C insurance brands to shine. We position you to compete, and win, in a complex digital world with our Innovative insurance software solution.

Build trusted relationships. Deliver your customer promise. Give policyholders the experience they want today — before they demand it tomorrow.


Diamond's comprehensive insurance software solutions gives you the edge

Insuresoft’s digital insurance platform ‘Diamond’ gives you the power to navigate business complexity while surpassing customer expectations, all with operational agility and a unique competitive edge.

Diamond is an all-in-one enterprise insurance policy software solution expertly crafted to support diverse LOBs — Personal, Commercial, Specialty, Farm, Non-standard Auto, Workers’ Comp —on behalf of Insurance Carriers, as well as MGAs or TPAs. It combines core policy processing, billing, claims, digital engagement, and intelligent data, as well as built-in document and workflow management capabilities, to advance your mission… and get your shine on.

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All-in-one System

The only insurance policy software you will ever need to process all your P&C Lines of Business including Personal, Commercial, Farm, Specialty, and Workers' Comp lines. Finally, you can have one integrated insurance management system to manage all your P&C products.

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The Diamond

Insurance providers have been relying on Insuresoft’s flagship Diamond insurance platform for more than 30 years. Built as a fully integrated solution from the start, Diamond is deeply rooted in rich functionality and has the benefit of years of experience and customer feedback. Perhaps that’s why it’s known as the Diamond Standard.

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at the Core

Technology and insurance continue to evolve and that means that your business must, as well. The Diamond platform continuously propels you forward, adopting the latest technological innovations in small, easy to consume bi-monthly updates so you never find yourself on an outdated platform.

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Diamond offers over 140+ pre-built third-party integrations to provide you with the data you need to make decisions and process transactions quickly and efficiently. New integrations are added with every product release and are built with an API-first design to ensure you have the flexibility and control you need to adapt to changing market conditions.

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Success Rate

We succeed where others have failed. Just ask many of our clients who have trusted us to get the job done. Every Insuresoft implementation has gone to production. We will make sure your implementation is successful too.

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Risk Mitigation

We understand that core system conversions are expensive and need to happen quickly. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is… we don’t charge subscription fees until you go to production. We are incented to get you live quickly and successfully.

Insuresoft lets you shine

Insuresoft is more than an agile, personalized and scalable end-to-end core software for the P&C insurance industry. We’re your partner, in it for the long haul, to help shine the light on what you do best.

  • We help insurers grow and adjust with new system capabilities. It’s not about imposing “new standards” or processes — every business is unique: let’s find your best path forward.
  • We combine deep insurance industry knowledge with tech-forward innovations that solve everyday challenges while optimizing workflows and creating a best-in-class digital experience.
  • We leverage the best cloud-native tech to transform business challenges into market opportunities.
  • After nearly three decades of technological innovation, our Diamond core platform continues to lead the market, by constantly evolving and adapting in line with our customers’ feedback — we listen and you see the results.
  • We create value by elevating your core proposition, by powering your business vision and customer promise — and letting the value shine through.
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Insuresoft doesn’t just deliver the core tech.  We also lead the implementation process because we believe that by working with you and our trusted partners to configure the system, we can more quickly set you up for success.  And, once you are in production, you have access to over 140 pre-built integrations, plus APIs, and our low code/no code toolkit, giving you the opportunity to make changes on your own if you choose.

Software Solutions

Diamond core components, like policy administration, insurance billing, and claims management, can be combined or implemented individually or in phases, based on the approach that works best for your situation. Our software solutions’ modern architecture is flexible and adaptable, enabling you to grow, scale, and shine on in your digital transformation.


After 30 years of successful collaboration and development, Insuresoft knows the value of partnership. That’s why we nurture a comprehensive, productive ecosystem that allows you to interconnect your systems, to plug & play with a powerful network of value-added providers, and deploy innovative P&C insurance solutions rapidly and seamlessly. So you can count on a streamlined implementation via one team, with all the required partners — to accelerate, differentiate and sharpen your competitive edge.