Tonyis the Chief Executive Officer of Insuresoft.

Tony has been Insuresoft’s CEO since 2004, Tony is responsible for developing the company’s corporate vision and setting its strategic direction.

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What Does It Take To Be a Next Gen Insurer?

By Tony Villa. October 14, 2016

Recently FIGO, an Insuresoft client, was recognized as a Next-Gen Insurer and was presented with the much deserved "Innovation in Action" Award by Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a leading insurance strategic advisory firm.  

SMA launched this awards program to recognize solutions that enable an insurance company to advance on their "transformational journey toward becoming a Next-Gen Insurer."  FIGO won the award because of their ability to execute their vision and unique value proposition.

Next-Gen insurer's like FIGO are demonstrating that, with the right partner, it is a truly great time to be in the business of delivering insurance.