Have you considered the benefits of moving to cloud hosting? Diamond Cloud is  secure, cloud hosting  from  Microsoft Azure.

The affordable choice for our clients,  allowing to innovate freely with products and services across multiple distribution and engagement channels—including all policy, billing, and claims interactions.

Diamond Cloud keeps your data secure and your system costs low

Secure, cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure. The affordable choice for insurers seeking a highly innovative, repeatable, scalable cloud platform.

With Diamond Cloud, pay for the power you need, when you need it and leave management of the system to the experts.

Why most of our clients are choosing Diamond Cloud:

  • Scalability.  A multi-tier application that scales economically by adding virtual resources to the web and business logic application tiers.
  • Interoperability. Interoperates smoothly with existing systems, while providing a secure foundation for future migrations.
  • Affordability.   Single-node systems can be scaled-up with more memory and processing power or scaled-out with many nodes.
  • Manageability. Microsoft Azure takes care of all hardware, OS, and platform patching requirements. We reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and administering Diamond Systems.
  • Faster Innovation. Application components built into the Azure platform cut the time it takes to bring new features to market.
  • Reduce risk
. Let the experts manage the system. With Diamond Cloud, we will host, deploy, and maintain your core platform on Microsoft Azure.

  • Always relevant
. The latest innovations are at your fingertips with bi-monthly upgrades via the Diamond Cloud. Take advantage of our latest cloud-native capabilities, Azure innovations, and insuretech integrations.