Nancy Schulte

Chief Operations Officer
Nancy Schulte Photo

Nancy joined Insuresoft’s leadership team with 25 years of experience in executive leadership and project management. As COO, Nancy’s team is responsible for working closely with clients, beginning with the onboarding stage, through project implementation, then continuing with the customer care functions once in production. This includes sales, account management, project management, implementation and support, and Azure support. Nancy is instrumental in helping Insuresoft clients scale their businesses.

Before joining Insuresoft, Nancy provided leadership to the Enterprise Project Management Office for Wellcare Health Plans in Tampa, FL where she led a team of project and program managers to execute the strategic project portfolio. Prior to that, she was CIO for PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) Enterprises, LLC, and led many initiatives that helped grow and expand the company over an eight-year tenure. Her background also includes working as an IT Executive for Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund and a Program Manager at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Kennedy Space Center.