Ag Workers Mutual Speeds Insuresoft Policy Admin Upgrade

Originally scheduled for an April 2010 go-live, Ag Workers got its Insuresoft Diamond .NET policy administration system ahead of a revised Jan. 2010 date.

Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance (Fort Worth, Texas) and its subsidiary Worth Casualty Company have completed an upgraded to Insuresoft’s (University Park, Ill.) Diamond .NET policy administration system throughout their offices in Texas ahead of schedule. Originally scheduled for an April 2010 go-live, Ag Workers sought and received an accelerated go-live date in January from Insuresoft, which the vendor and carrier teams beat by more than two weeks.

“In order to help us reach our 2010 goals, we elected to upgrade to Diamond 5.0,” comments Neel Choate, a spokesman for Ag Workers Mutual Auto. “The efficiencies and expanded features that Diamond 5.0 provides will help set the technology foundation needed to meet these goals.”

“Both teams collectively reviewed priorities and resources while developing the accelerated timeline for their upgrade,” comments Chris Blair, VP, account services, Insuresoft. “The planning and effort by employees of both Ag Workers and Insuresoft were the primary reasons why this upgrade went so smoothly. In fact, the upgrade ended up being 2-12 weeks ahead of the January 2010 go-live target!” The extra 2-12 weeks time is already being put to good use. Ag Worker’s upgrade to Diamond 5.x was just the first step in a list of technology enhancements planned for 2010. “We look forward to successfully delivering multiple and diverse web portals during the first quarter of 2010,” Choate concluded.

Insuresoft describes the Diamond System as a fully automated and integrated policy processing system for both personal and commercial insurance carriers. Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, it has a services-oriented architecture that enables web-based access for agents, consumers and other insurance carrier partners, according to the vendor. Insuresoft says the Diamond system is a customizable and scalable turnkey solution for policy processing, rating, billing, claims, reporting and other business-critical functions.