Insuresoft Delivers Diamond 4.32x for Grange’s Auto Line of Business in Idaho

Insuresoft, a leading provider of insurance policy administration software, today announced Grange Insurance Group successfully upgraded to the latest version of the Diamond System, Diamond 4.32x for its auto line of business in the state of Idaho.

Grange was able to complete their expansion quickly and cost effectively due to their long-standing partnership with Insuresoft. Insuresoft’s dedicated Diamond team already understood the company’s business model and unique requirements, allowing the implementation to move rapidly toward a successful completion.

Grange first implemented Diamond for its Idaho auto line in 2002, and the upgrade to Diamond 4.32x was an easy one due to Insuresoft’s Perpetual Licensing Agreement. This unique licensing arrangement enables carriers to keep pace with the latest technology and to take advantage of new features and enhancements that are developed in response to changes in the marketplace. In addition, the Perpetual Licensing Agreement allows carriers to upgrade at their own pace so that the testing and implementation can be done on a schedule that works for them.
While migrating to a new system is always a daunting task, Insuresoft ensured a smooth transition. The Insuresoft team, with prior first-hand knowledge of Grange’s system, was able to turn the typically challenging process of data conversion into a simple one. “The migration process went smoothly both on our end, and for Grange,” said Chuck Martin, Development Manager for Insuresoft. “Grange was well prepared to implement Diamond, and we are glad that we could provide them with a seamless transition.”

Now that Grange has experienced the benefits of a fully automated policy processing system, they look forward to the day that all their lines in all their states are on the Diamond System.

“Moving our Idaho auto line to Diamond 4.32x was the first step in migrating all our states, and so far the process has been very encouraging,” said Nina Latrofa, IT manager at Grange. “All our products will benefit greatly from this system, which will eliminate costly overnight batch processing, streamline our data entry process, and allow us to add new features and functionality in a quick timeframe.”
About Grange:

Grange Insurance Group is the industry recognized name for Grange Insurance Association and Rocky Mountain Fire & Casualty Company of Seattle, WA. Grange has been insuring farming families in smaller western communities since 1894. Throughout the past 100 years, Grange has grown to more than $200 million in written premium, all the while, holding fast to its commitment to families in “Main Street” towns, farm communities, and suburban areas of the West.

About Insuresoft Inc.:
Insuresoft is a leading policy processing systems provider for the property and casualty insurance industry. Insuresoft offers a suite of products and services that meet the unique automation needs of managing general agents and insurance companies in North America. Insuresoft is a privately held company headquartered in University Park, Illinois, with offices in Alabama, and Minnesota.