Leveraging new Customer Engagement Strategies

Providing a unified user experience to your policyholders is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in business, but a mandate.  Kaboodle has partnered with insured.io to provide a unified system that will plug into our digital insurance platform. 

The insured.io Customer Engagement Platform connects seamlessly with the Diamond Platform and other policy lifecycle management systems to create a coalesced communication strategy with your insureds.

Extend the functionality of your in-house systems and enhance your digital customer experience through proactive digital communication modules including:

    •    Omni-channel engagement,
    •    Platform Independent,
    •    Highly configurable, and
    •    Multi-lingual.

Join our “Leveraging new Customer Engagement Strategies” webinar with Kaboodle’s partner insured.io to learn more about their non-disruptive and scalable Insured Experience Solutions.

February 25th, 1pm CST

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By pre-integrating insured.io into the Diamond Platform, we are excited to show you the process improvements and time-saving measures in digital engagement.