Composer Certification Program

Diamond Composer is an intuitive tool that enables approved business and technical users to make Diamond development and configuration flexible, agile, and easy to implement. It lets users manage the complete product lifecycle: building requirements, tracking and testing changes, and deploying finished products. The Diamond Composer certification is a professional accreditation that Insuresoft offers to clients and vendor partners who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Composer.

A Diamond Composer certification allows individuals and businesses to promote their achievement as an Insuresoft recognized Diamond certified professional. Diamond Composer certified client’s, individuals, and businesses will be able to share their accreditation with a badge of certification on their website and list Insuresoft as a partner that demonstrates their level of certification. ​

Here are the levels of Diamond Composer Certification

Bronze – Basic
  • Training phase
  • Has completed onsite training
  • Ability to complete training examples
  • Certified after being trained on all licensed and available components.
Silver – Advanced
  • Ability to Develop/Test/Deploy
  • Works on a non-training environment
  • Retention from training exhibited
  • Demonstrates progression from spec configuration to testing, debugging, and deployment.
Gold – Production
  • Successful production implementation
  • End user sign off
  • Production build and deployment
  • Support through warranty period
  • Certified at end of warranty period 
Platinum – Partner
  • Support (Customers & core product)
  • Supporting other end users using the tools
  • Ability to train others on product
  • Assist in development and testing of product enhancements
  • Certified after 6 months of effectively working at this level