It's time for an insurance technology revolution

The insurance technology game has changed.  For decades, mutual insurance companies used powerful back office technology to more efficiently manage policy processing, billing administration, and claims handling.  But today, it’s the consumer that is driving the technology change.  

Today, policyholders are used to banking from their phones, shopping online, and getting answers to their questions instantly from search engines.

The Internet has permanently changed how customers also expect to interact with their agent and insurance carrier. They want instant quotes to flexible plans that meet their ever-changing needs.  They want to edit their billing information from wherever they want, whenever they want, and from the device they want. And when there’s a claim, they expect straight-through processing because they don’t have any patience for delays.

To survive in this new customer-driven paradigm, mutual insurance companies need to quickly roll out new products that make life easy on the agency while delighting their customers.  But the old mutual  insurance platforms simply can’t deliver, and a major technology change isn’t easy when you’re running on razor thin margins.

It’s time for an insurance technology revolution. 

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