Diamond Billing

Diamond Billing gives you all the flexibility you need from real-time pay plan changes to multiple payment options.

Built for today, ready for tomorrow

The Insuresoft® DaaP System™ unifies the insurance lifecycle, with one digital insurance platform, allowing insurers to freely connect with data from existing and new systems.

SCS Insurance Case Study

Strategic Cat Solutions, a claims TPA firm, implements a targeted enterprise claims system in less than 45 days.

Implementation Services Overview

The Standard Diamond Implementation Process. Insuresoft strives to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Strategic Account Relationship Team Overview

StART elevates project management support by using predefined templates and tools that quickly and easily get clients up and running.

Policy Processing Systems Corporation Overview

InsurTechs and Core Providers Delivering on the Promise of Innovation

InsurTechs and Core Providers Delivering on the Promise of Innovation

Software for Insurance: The Only Partner You Will Ever Need For

IoT: From Data to Intelligent Action

IoT devices are becoming game changers in the insurance industry, especially when it comes to claims adjusting and reducing the time it takes to close a claim. Check out the latest infographic “IoT and real applications for Insurers Today”.

SMA Insuretech Infographic

Insurtechs are gaining momentum in the industry by partnering and spreading across all LOBs. Take a look at Strategy Meets Actions break down of the insurtech trends.