Is your Insurance Software Designed with your IT Operations and Direct User Communities in Mind?

The insurance industry has had a tough couple of years. The lingering effects of the pandemic. Unprecedented wildfires and other extreme weather conditions. Heightened and evolving consumer motivations and expectations. All these converging forces mean insurers have to rethink their business models. In this eBook, we’ll discuss some of the best practices to keep in mind when investing in digital insurance software. We’ll also offer some key tips for finding a solution that enables – rather than holds back – your IT operations and direct user communities.

How to Attract Scarce IT Skills to Your Insurance Firm

The insurance industry is experiencing an unprecedented skills shortage with firms of all sizes struggling to attract and nurture talent. The sector has an unemployment rate of only 1.5% compared to the national 3.6% unemployment rate for all industries. In this eBook, we’ll take stock of the IT skills shortage in insurance and explore some strategies you can adopt to better attract and retain talent, especially millennial IT professionals.

Are You Ready for the Next Frontier in Insurance Technology?

Today, technology underpins how businesses enhance their products and services to gain an edge over their competitors. In insurance, technological advancements have revolutionized how insurance policies are crafted, customers are served, damages are assessed, and claims are processed. The transformation (and disruption) continues. Just think of wearables and electric cars and their substantial impact on the insurance sector. In this eBook, we’ll trace the evolution of technology in insurance and contemplate the next wave of innovation – and how you can best capitalize on it.

The Keys to Unlocking New Insurance Opportunities

Listen to our panelists discuss collaboration and data at the InsureTech Connect 2019 session “The Keys to Unlocking New Insurance Opportunities”.

Diamond Cloud

Secure, cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure. The affordable choice for insurers seeking a highly innovative, repeatable, scalable cloud platform. With Diamond Cloud, pay for the power you need, when you need it and leave management of the system to the experts.

Insuresoft Diamond Platform

Insuresoft’s Diamond Platform allows insurers to innovate freely with products and services across multiple distribution and engagement channels — including all policy, billing, and claims interactions.

Insuresoft’s Digital Platform

Insuresoft’s Digital Platform allows insurers to manage clients, not policies, with client-level views and analytics while supporting the channels your agents, insureds, and prospects choose to use.

Better Process Outsourcing

We offer a full range of back-office support and operational services. These services can be used individually, or as a full ‘turnkey’ back office solution.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services team will help your business in reducing IT operating costs and allows in-house technology teams to be more strategic and innovative.

Diamond Implementation

Insuresoft provides the essential services that our clients require to successfully implement their system. We’ve enjoyed a 100% sucdessful implementation rate with our clients since our inceptions.